Protect Part Surfaces with Plastic Mesh Sleeves

Protect the surface finish of plated, polished or powder-coated parts from abrasion and corrosion with breathable plastic mesh, poly net, sleeves from Industrial Netting.  The diamond pattern of our poly net protective netting allows these tubular plastic mesh sleeves to form-fit over irregular shapes. Our breathable packaging sleeves are not braided or woven and feature an integral joint structure for maximum stability and elasticity. And our poly net protective mesh sleeves are color coded by size for easy identification.

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You can buy any size of our three grades of protective mesh sleeves in UPS-able rolls. Or ask us for a quote on custom cut lengths to fit your parts. We can also custom cut sleeves to your specified length and heat seal one end to form a bag or plastic pocket.

NetGuard, FlexGuard, and Vexar® sleeves are used to protect drill bits, chains, tools, shafts & splines – even wine bottles.  For extra protection of high value parts, choose Industrial Netting sleeves.

  • In-stock for immediate shipment
  • Color-coded by size for easy identification
  • Buy UPS-able rolls or ask us for a quote on custom cut lengths

Our poly net protective mesh sleeves are manufactured from a special blend of resins to provide "soft" elastic cushioning characteristics to protect the part surfaces from chipping and abrasion during handling and transport. These breathable packaging tubes are not braided or woven and feature an integral joint structure for maximum stability and elasticity.  

Watch a short 1-minute video demonstrating how breathable plastic mesh protects parts from abrasion and corrosion.

Heat Sealed Pockets

Heat Seal Plastic Netting Sleeves by Industrial Netting to Form a Bag or Pocket!

NetGuard and Vexar® sleeves can be cut to your custom length and heat sealed on one end to form a bag or plastic pocket.  

Custom lengths and diameters can be used for temporary packaging during washing or processing. Or provide extra protection as part of your final packaging of high value parts.

Applications - 1001 Uses

  • Parts protection
  • Drill bit safety sleeves
  • Thread guards
  • Spring silencers
  • Parts separators
  • Filter core sleeves
  • Pipe wrap
  • Chain protection
  • Tool protection
  • Vibration sleeves
  • Cable protection
  • Collet sleeves
  • End mill protection
  • Live tool protection
  • Glass wrap
  • Bearing protection
  • Piston sleeves
  • Finger sleeves
  • Shaft protection
  • Protective packaging
  • Wine bottle sleeves
  • Gas cylinder sleeves
  • Chrome parts protection
  • Painted parts protection
  • Plated parts protection
  • Cosmoline replacement
  • Spline shaft protection
  • Precision parts protection
  • Machined parts protection