Plastic Mesh Supports

Plastic Netting can help maintain a given shape or provide support to filter media and membrane-based material against liquids and air stream.

Mesh Support Netting is also more rigid than woven or nonwoven materials. Plastic mesh can support material in pleated cartridge filters with relatively uniform separation between the pleats, while providing enough rigidity to keep all of the pleats uniformly exposed to the stream. These features help to improve the filters' efficiency. Plastic mesh supports are made out of natural colored, rugged polypropylene resin.

      • hole apertures of 1/14 x 1/4-inch - OR - 1/4 x 1/4-inch
      • roll lenghs of 3,000 or 12,000-feet
  • Close up of Industrial Netting ON3350 Natural Colored Polypropylene Mesh, 0.07 x 0.25 inch
    Product: ON3350
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 1/14 x 1/4
    Roll Width (in) 168
    Roll Length (ft) 3000
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 21.5
  • Close up of Industrial Netting ON3018 Natural Colored Polypropylene Mesh, 0.25 inch
    Product: ON3018
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 1/4 x 1/4
    Roll Width (in) 172
    Roll Length (ft) 12,000
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 7