Filtration Net & Cores

Industrial Netting produces extruded plastic filtration net, mesh screens, and cores in a wide variety of configurations and pore sizes. This filtration netting is suitable for most any air, liquid, or gas separation and filtration application. These products are easily fabricated and converted to customized components expediently and economically with our slitting & rewinding or sheeting & die cutting services.  Plastic mesh offers strong, yet lightweight parts that have excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, are non-conductive, and have good response to temperature changes.

Plastic netting, mesh, screens, and rigid mesh tubes are used in filter cartridges for automotive, HVAC, water purification, hydraulic filtration, fuel filtration, beverage filtration, medical filtration, and food processing applications.

Plastic Mesh Components

Synthetic filter media offers a high degree of chemical compatibility in a wide range of environments.

We will  custom convert to your specfic size requirements!

Rigid Mesh Plastic Tubes

Extruded cores provide structural support in cartridge filtration. Designers can chose from a wide range of diameters, apertures, and open areas. And unlike injection molded cores, custom designs typically have minimal tooling costs.

We also custom fabricate plastic tubes to larger diameters from a variety of flat mesh or nonwoven products or bond nonwovens to the outer surface of rigid tubes using a proprietary forming and welding technique.

Flow Channel Spacers

These create a flow channel across the filter medium.  Many spiral wound filter elements use bi-planar diamond mesh netting as a "feed spacer" allowing the liquid stream to flow across the membrane surface. More recently, rectangular mesh feed spacers have been developed as an alternative to diamond mesh netting. They arePlastic Diamond, Square, or Woven Mesh Feed Spacers engineered to create uniform, multiple thin strands in one direction and more widely spaced, thicker strands in the perpendicular direction. Woven Mesh is available in polypropylene, nylon, and polyester resins.

Media Protection

Flexible plastic mesh tubular sleeves can be stretched over the filter element to protect the outside surface of the filter medium from damage during use and handling. Square mesh can also be wrapped and bonded around the outer surface of the filter media. For even more rugged surface protection, rigid mesh tubes can be used as outer sleeves to protect the filter element.

Pleat Support

Plastic netting can help retain a given shape or provide support to filter media and membrane-based material against the liquid or air stream. It is also more rigid than woven or nonwoven materials. This means it can support material in pleated cartridge filters with relatively uniform separation between the pleats, while providing enough rigidity to keep all of the pleats uniformly exposed to the stream, helping to improve the filters' efficiency. 

Filtration Brochure Filtration Brochure downloadable as a PDF.


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