Rack Liners & Dehydration Trays

  • Plastic Tray with netting made from FDA compliant resinmade from resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact
  • easy to clean
  • reusable
  • easy to handle and fabricate
  • order full rolls or custom cut-to-size pieces

Durable FDA compliant polypropylene resin netting is ideal as a tray or rack liner for a variety of food products - especially as a dehydration tray liner for fruits and nuts, meats and jerky during the dehydrating or drying process. Industrial Netting plastic netting is a clean surface that allows air and liquid to circulate freely while separating cuts and pieces throughout processing.

Whether you're dehydrating fruits, nuts and meats – we have a mesh size and thickness to fit your food processing application. Wherever an open mesh surface liner is needed for air and liquid circulation – Industrial Netting has a solution.

For high temperature, non-stick surfaces check our our line of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)  nettings.

Our Polypropylene (PP) nettings are made from resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact. And, they are designed to be used with UL Listed dehydrators.  In addition to our tray liner products we also have an FDA approved injection molded plastic tray.  This tray is currently available at 21" wide x 42" long.  These trays are reusable, easy to clean, lightweight and less expensive than stainless steel frames.

Industrial Netting can precision slit and/or die cut your order to fit a wide range of chrome or stainless steel shelves, trays and racks. Our custom frames have been designed to incorporate an edge tab that allows for easy installation and removal of die cut mesh.

  • XY5030
    Product: XY5030
    Color Yellow
    Hole Size (in) 0.275 x 0.275
    Roll Width (in) 48
    Roll Length (ft) 300
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 178
    Thickness (in) 0.12
  • XN5010
    Product: XN5010
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.275 x 0.297
    Roll Width (in) 48
    Roll Length (ft) 300
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 168
    Thickness (in) 0.121
    Open Area 45%
  • XN2335
    Product: XN2335
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.282 x 0.274
    Roll Width (in) 48
    Roll Length (ft) 400
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 75
    Thickness (in) 0.09
    Open Area 65%
  • XN3110
    Product: XN3110
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.75 x 0.75
    Roll Width (in) 48
    Roll Length (ft) 500
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 90
    Thickness (in) 0.13