Protection Above & Below the Water

Use plastic netting for growing, feeding and trapping applications on fish farms, sea farms, fish hatcheries, catfish farms, shrimp farms, oyster farms and many other applications for making cages, trays and traps.  Plastic netting also makes a great Predator barrier.  It is durable and lightweight and an excellent way to ward off egrets, herons, seagulls, nuisance birds and birds of prey.

Non-Toxic Plastic Aquaculture Netting

Plastic Cage Netting

  • Non Toxic
  • Won't rust or rot
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV stabilized for long life
  • Useable in wide temperature range

Plastic Cage Netting

Heavy duty aquaculture cage netting helps keep out cormorants, loons, turtles, otters, crabs and other predators.  Select the aperture, or hole size, you need for protection and maximum water flow.  Made from long-lasting UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) resin for maximum service life.  Offered in 48”-wide rolls or cut-to-size pieces to for easy fabrication of trays, traps or pens.

You can also fabricate your own grow-out bags. Plastic Tubular Aquaculture Nets are made from the same UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) as our aquaculture cage net. 

Bird Exclusion Plastic Netting

Protect ponds, raceways or shorelines from birds of prey with durable, lightweight predator net.

Birdnet is produced from UV stabilized polypropylene (PP) in rolls up to 17-feet wide.

Accessories like Polyclips and cable ties help make any installation easier. 

Stand Pipe Filters

Plastic mesh stand pipe filtersPlastic mesh filter tubes are made from the same UV stabilized resin as our Cage Netting.

Choose from one of four standard sizes to fit over schedule 40 PVC pipe.