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RackGuard Pallet Rack Safety Netting
Protect people and reduce product damage in warehouses and storage areas. RackGuard forms a durable load containment barrier designed to contain loose boxes, palletized goods and stacked materials on warehouse shelves and storage racks. Sometimes referred to as safety netting or safety mesh, RackGuard is more accurately described as vertical warehouse containment netting.

The integral joint structure of this extruded netting retains the original hole or aperture size and resists sagging. Our unified grid derives its high tensile strength and dimensional stability from strand to strand, or joint to joint. It won't unravel if a joint or strand is cut or becomes frayed. That means you can easily trim RackGuard safety netting to fit over sprinkler heads or other irregular shapes without losing the structural integrity of the mesh.

  • Improve safety for employees
  • Protect traffic areas and workstations
  • Reduce damage to warehouse goods
  • Prevent falls between back-to-back racks
  • Organize stock for easy inventory & identification
  • Secure mezzanine railings
  • More economical than woven nets
  • RackGuard Safety Netting Request For Quote
RackGuard installed in a major DIY retail store

Light Duty Diamond Mesh Polyethylene Security Barrier
Keep fingers out off places you don't want them!
Create cost effective shelf dividers or security barriers
Master rolls of XB1132 up to 4-feet wide

Pallet Rack Safety Netting
Create a vertical see-through wall to contain loose parts and boxes
Dimensionally stable Polypropylene grid won't sag or lose its shape
UV stabilized for maximum service life and superior resistance to most chemicals
Select Standard Duty OB1100 or Heavy Duty OB1200 up to 13-feet wide

Polyethylene Safety Netting for Low Temperatures
Polyethylene grid is suitable for freezer applications
Install horizontally from upright to upright to create a containment "fence"
Master rolls of OB2500 up to 39-inches wide

ThreeAxis RackGuard for Maximum Load Distribution
Uniform containment in three directions. Triangular apertures create a unique hexagonal geometry to distribute load and more effectively dissipate radial stress.
For the ultimate in dimensional stability and aesthetic appeal specify
Standard Duty OB1500 or Heavy Duty OB1700 up to 13-feet wide

RackGuard is easily trimmed on-site with wire cutters or tin snips. Buy from stock in master roll sizes or have us custom cut to your specific size requirements for easy installation.

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