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Car-Go-Net® Stock Products
Stock Products
Using Car-Go-Net® Containment Netting
Using Car-Go-Net®
Containment Netting
Rail Car Netting
Rail Car Netting
ISRI Railcar Safety Video
ISRI Railcar Safety
ISRI Securing Flattened Cars Video
ISRI Securing Flattened Cars Video

Meeting the Transportation Safety Needs of the Industry
Car-Go-Net® containment netting is ideally suited to comply with CSA2010 load securement requirements.

Cargo Containment Regulation FMCSR 393.132 from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calls for prevention of loose parts of crushed and flattened cars from falling from vehicles in transport. Installed properly, Car-Go-Net® containment netting from Industrial Netting can reduce the risk of road hazards caused by falling debris.

Video Illustrating Use of Car-Go-Net® Containment
Netting and Customer Testimonials

Scrap metal and scrap aluminum dealers, auto crushers, metal shredders, salvage yards, towing services, and auto recyclers use this strong plastic netting to contain loose parts, construction debris, and other salvage materials on flat beds, in railroad gondola cars, and in sided over-the-road trailers.

Disposable plastic cargo containment net from Industrial Netting helps contain small, loose debris during the transport of wrecked autos or salvaged vehicles to car crushers and metal shredders.

Car-Go-Net® containment netting can also be used in place of side walls can to reduce load weight and allow for greater hauling capacity. That saves on fuel costs and labor costs while producing a better yield each trip. Or eliminate maintenance by using Car-Go-Net® containment netting as a disposable tarp on roll offs.

Car-Go-Net® containment netting is an extruded polypropylene grid. The integral joint structure keeps the openings from expanding. Fused joints won't pull apart like knitted "hay bale" nets. Car-Go-Net® containment netting is easily identified by its orange color and fused joints.

Don't risk non-compliance intervention letters with netting that can't hold your load. Insist on genuine orange Car-Go-Net® containment netting.

Integral joints hold uniform openings - won't pull apart like bale net Car-Go-Net® Containment Netting from Industrial Netting
  • Contains debris during transit
  • Improves highway safety
  • Economical and easy to apply
  • Disposable: easily shredded or incinerated
  • Eliminates maintenance of screens or tarps
  • Fused joints won't stretch or pull apart
  • Open mesh minimizes wind resistance
  • Safety orange for maximum visibility to law enforcement

Buy only what you need, when you need it!
Reduce your inventory by using ours. Select from a variety of stock Car-Go-Net® containment netting roll widths and sizes. Or purchase any of the UPS-able sizes listed below now.

  • Same day shipment of UPS-able sized rolls
  • Credit Cards accepted
Product Specifications

Car-Go-Net® containment netting for Salvage Yards

Roll Width Roll Weight Roll Length Price per roll Buy

.75" Mesh
56" 16# 1000' $70.10
84" 25# 1000' $105.00
c-folded to 62"
33# 1000' $194.40
z-folded to 87"
30# 500' $189.90

.25" Mesh
48" 11# 500' $57.30
56" 21# 1000' $128.00
84" 40# 1000' $191.50
Car-Go-Net® is American-made 
UPS charges will be added

z-folded Car-Go-Net® containment netting unwinds to full width Announcing NEW 17-ft wide by 500-ft long Rolls
Rolls specially configured to minimize shipping costs. Our 3/4" mesh is folded over itself on a 3" core to create a compact 30-pound package measuring just 87" X 10" X 10". Ship anywhere in the US for just $30. This unique z-folded Car-Go-Net® containment netting easily unwinds to its full 17-ft width.

EZ Clips
EZ Clips are ½" wide so they easily fit thru the holes of our ¾" mesh Car-Go-Net® containment netting. Use Polyclips or cable ties for ¼" mesh Car-Go-Net® containment netting.

EZ Clips make installation a snap
Product Price Buy
Bag of 100 $6.00 per bag
Case of 2500
(25 bags of 100)
$128.80 per case

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