Plastic Mesh Cores & Containment for Filtration

Use extruded mesh plastic tubes as center core supports and outer cages to build your cartridge filters.  Nearly 100 configurations of diameter, wall thickness and open area are available from stock.  Unlike molded tubes, minimal tooling costs are required for custom designs.  Get the right combination of flow characteristics and structural support.

Rigid Mesh Tube measurements by Industrial Netting

Rigid plastic tubes are extruded to produce fixed apertures with maximum dimensional stability.  Most cores are made from polypropylene resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact.  Industrial Netting plastic cores are used in cartridges and as components for air, liquid and gas separation and filtration.

Common lengths are in stock for immediate shipment - or have us precision cut to your required sizes.  Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

Tolerance capabilities are impacted by tube diameter, wall thickness, strand configuration and cut length. Please consult your Industrial Netting representative for specific tolerances achievable on your plastic rigid mesh tube.

Tube Nominal Dimensions Brochure Tube Nominal Dimensions Brochure downloadable as a PDF.

Filtration Brochure Filtration Brochure downloadable as a PDF.

Custom Sizes

Don't see what you need below? We can custom fabricate tubes to larger diameters from a variety of flat mesh or nonwoven products.  Contact us now for more information.

  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN4460 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 1.70" ID and 1.93" OD
    Product: RN4460
    ID (inside diameter) 1.7
    OD (outside diameter) 1.93
    Wall Thickness 0.115
    Open Area 32%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2535 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 1.90" ID and 2.045" OD
    Product: RN2535
    ID (inside diameter) 1.9
    OD (outside diameter) 2.045
    Wall Thickness 0.073
    Open Area 27%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN5080 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.275" ID and 2.44" OD
    Product: RN5080
    ID (inside diameter) 2.275
    OD (outside diameter) 2.44
    Wall Thickness 0.083
    Open Area 34%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2920 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.36" ID and 2.90" OD
    Product: RN2920
    ID (inside diameter) 2.36
    OD (outside diameter) 2.9
    Wall Thickness 0.27
    Open Area 20%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2259 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.375" ID and 2.60" OD
    Product: RN2259
    ID (inside diameter) 2.375
    OD (outside diameter) 2.6
    Wall Thickness 0.113
    Open Area 31%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN1280 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.39" ID and 2.555" OD
    Product: RN1280
    ID (inside diameter) 2.39
    OD (outside diameter) 2.555
    Wall Thickness 0.083
    Open Area 29%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2900 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.425" ID and 2.90" OD
    Product: RN2900
    ID (inside diameter) 2.425
    OD (outside diameter) 2.9
    Wall Thickness 0.237
    Open Area 20%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN7120 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.48" ID and 2.59" OD
    Product: RN7120
    ID (inside diameter) 2.48
    OD (outside diameter) 2.59
    Wall Thickness 0.055
    Open Area 32%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2260 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.60" ID and 2.73" OD
    Product: RN2260
    ID (inside diameter) 2.6
    OD (outside diameter) 2.73
    Wall Thickness 0.065
    Open Area 33%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting RN2670 Rigid Mesh Polypropylene Tube, 2.71" ID and 2.90" OD
    Product: RN2670
    ID (inside diameter) 2.71
    OD (outside diameter) 2.9
    Wall Thickness 0.095
    Open Area 33%