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Load Divider Netting
Load Divider
Deer Fencing
Deer Fencing
Tree Bark Protectors
Tree Bark
Poultry Netting
Poultry Netting
Installation Accessories

Plastic mesh lets water and light reach plants with plenty of air circulation, while providing inexpensive protection for your valuable nursery stock. Select standard duty or heavy duty plastic netting as breathable load dividers. Our heavier weight deer fencing is an economical barrier to foraging wildlife. Or chose from 5 different lengths of open mesh tree bark protectors to shield the trunks of young trees.

Load Dividers
Use our light-weight netting as a disposable load divider. Standard duty load dividers made from clear polypropylene. Load Divider Netting is also available in bright orange for maximum visibility or UV stabilized black for extended service life or a variety of other configurations to meet your specific requirements.
  • Tree protection
  • Pallet wrap
  • Compost containment
  • Load divider netting
  • Partitions
  • Mulch containment
  • Winterization of nursery stock
  • Fencing
  • Packaging
  • Protection from nuisance animals
  • Cornfield maze netting

Select from standard 10 foot roll widths or call for custom roll sizes up to 17 feet wide. 10 foot widths can also be Z-folded to simplify shipping and handling.

Product Specifications

Polypropylene Load Divider Netting

Description Product
(Not Actual Size)
Mesh Size
Color Nominal Weight
(lbs/1000 ft²)

Standard Duty
.25" Mesh

ON 2015 1/4 X 1/4 Clear 4 lbs

Standard Duty
.75" Mesh

ON 1670 3/4 X 3/4 Clear 2 lbs

Standard Duty
.50" Mesh

OG 8985 1/2 X 1/2 UV Green 3 lbs

Heavy Duty
.50" Mesh

OV 1581 1/2 X 1/2 UV Black 8 lbs

Heavy Duty
1" Mesh

OB 2650 1 X 1 Black 12 lbs
Custom widths and lengths available.

Other Plastic Netting Uses
Open mesh plastic netting can also help protect your stock from nuisance animals. Our deer fencing is a lightweight, environmentally-friendly, passive restraint that protects shrubs and trees from foraging wildlife.

Define the pathways of cornfield mazes using 4-foot tall rolls of ON 1670. This light-weight ¾-inch mesh is available in roll lengths up to 5,000 lineal feet. It's made from clear polypropylene for minimum visibility and maximum enjoyment of the surrounding field.

Plastic netting can also be used to help contain mulch. The breathable open mesh structure allows air flow while preventing moisture and mildew buid-up.

Tree Bark Protectors
Protect young trees from antler scrapes, foraging wildlife, and mechanical equipment. Gnaw marks, scrapes and nicks become ugly scars that expose trees to disease, insects and other pests. These tough plastic tree wraps keep animals from feeding and rubbing on tree bark, and shield the bark from mechanical contact. These breathable wraps allow water and light to reach the plant while offering plenty of air circulation. Unlike plastic pipe and film wraps, these open mesh tree shields prevent moisture and mildew build-up, do not harbor insects and animals, and won't inhibit growth.

Shield young trees from:
  • Trimmers
  • Mowers
  • Deer
  • Rodents
Plastic mesh tree protectors shield young trees from deer, rodents, and foraging animals
Product Specifications

4" Diameter Tree Bark Protectors

(Not Actual Size)
Product Number Length Quantity Price Buy

4-inch diameter mesh tube extruded from black UV stabilized resin for extended life


12-inch Box of 50 $71.00


24-inch Box of 50 $116.50


36-inch Box of 40 $133.20


48-inch Box of 40 $172.00


60-inch Box of 75 $423.00
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