Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Products

Polypropylene Resin Plastic Netting by from Industrial NettingPolypropylene (PP), is a thermoplastic polymer providing good chemical and heat resistance at a reasonable cost. Polypropylene is rugged and unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.

PP is chemically stable; composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. When polypropylene is incinerated only water vapor and carbon dioxide are produced. The calorific heating value is similar to oil.  Among fossil fuel-based resins, only polypropylene can be considered sustainable under a reference system created by non-profit environmental solutions provider Clean Production Action and sustainability consultant Pure Strategies. (Plastics News - October 5, 2009)

Most polypropylene resin is natural in color (without additives) and complies with FDA regulations for food contact applications. Some products are produced with additives, including carbon black, that inhibit ultraviolet light degradation.

See our Matierial Specs page for all Polypropylene resin specifications including melting temperature, softening point, heat deflection temperature, and glass transition temperature. 

All of our Biaxially Oriented Netting is made from polypropylene resin.  Most Rigid Mesh Tubes are extruded from polypropylene resin.  A select number of our flexible Tubular Mesh Sleeves are extruded from polypropylene.  Or check out our plastic Woven Mesh products for a selection of mesh made from polypropylene fibers.

See the list below for a broad selection of diamond and square extruded polypropylene net mesh.

PMSF refers to the nominal weight of plastic netting measured in pounds per 1000 square feet 

  • Close up of Industrial Netting WP0200 Natural Colored Polypropylene Woven Mesh, 44 percent open area
    Product: WP0200
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.008 x 0.008
    Roll Width (in) 72
    Roll Length (ft) Variable
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 32.6
    Thickness (in) 0.014
    Open Area 26%
  • Close up of Industrial Netting WP0350 Natural Colored Polypropylene Woven Mesh, 29 percent open area
    Product: WP0350
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.014 x 0.014
    Roll Width (in) 78
    Roll Length (ft) Variable
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 44.4
    Thickness (in) 0.019
    Open Area 29%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XN4900 Natural Polypropylene Diamond Mesh, .018 x .018 inch
    Product: XN4900
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.018 x 0.018
    Roll Width (in) 40
    Roll Length (ft) 250
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 55
    Thickness (in) 0.03
    Open Area 24%
  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XN3019 Natural Polypropylene Square Mesh, .030 x .037 inch
    Product: XN3019
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.030 X 0.037
    Roll Width (in) 47.5
    Roll Length (ft) 400
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 84
    Thickness (in) 0.036
    Open Area 20%