Plastic Netting and Mesh

"Industrial mesh" or "industrial netting" is most commonly used as a protective barrier in material handling applications, as a breathable parts separation layer, or as a protective mesh over individual parts.  Most of our nets are available from stock in roll goods form. We'll also sheet, slit, or die cut to your specified dimensions!

1001 Uses
Heavy duty netting structures are used as support and protection in electro-coating, parts washing, plating, separating OEM parts, machine guards, intra-plant parts handling and warehouse containment or pallet rack netting. Other Applications include:

  • Parts protection
  • Drill bit safety sleeves
  • Thread guards
  • Spring silencers
  • Parts separators
  • Filter core sleeves
  • Pipe wrap
  • Cable protection
  • Collet sleeves
  • End mill protection
  • Live tool protection
  • Spline shaft protection
  • Machined parts protection
  • Glass wrap
  • Shaft protection
  • Wine bottle sleeves
  • Gas cylinder sleeves
  • Chrome parts protection
  • Painted parts protection
  • Plated parts protection
  • Cosmoline replacement
  • Chain protection
  • Tool protection
  • Bearing protection
  • Piston sleeves
  • Precision parts protection
  • Finger sleeves
  • Vibration sleeves

Breathable Parts Separation Pads

Plastic netting minimizes rust and corrosion by providing a breathable, separating layer between valuable parts. Open mesh netting won't absorb fluids or restrict air flow like cardboard dividers.

Use these durable extruded parts separator nettings as bin liners, tote liners, basket dividers, and pallet liners. Because these versatile mesh dividers are reusable, they are ultimately more economical than single use corrugated liners. See our Reusable Netting video for protection and separation tips.

Choose from several standard sizes or have us cut sheets to your specific dimensional requirements.

Tubular Mesh Sleeves for Parts Protection

Parts Protection Sleeves are color coded for easy identificationNetGuard and Vexar® elastic tubular netting sleeves should be your first choice for effective, economical and convenient protection of your valuable parts and components. They are manufactured from polyethylene resins to provide "soft" elastic cushioning characteristics to protect part surfaces from chipping and abrasion during handling and transport.

  • Reusable
  • Breathable
  • Long lasting
  • Labor saving
  • Competitively priced
  • Color-coded by size
  • UPS-able rolls or self-dispensing cartons
  • In-stock service for immediate shipment

The diamond mesh pattern allows the tubular sleeve to expand and conform to irregular part shapes. NetGuard sleeves "breathe" - the polyethylene mesh will not retain moisture like paper or film wraps. And our NetGuard sleeves are color-coded by diameter size to simplify identification.

Pallet Rack Safety Net

RackGuard pallet rack safety netting helps protect people and reduce product damage in warehouses and storage areas.

Unlike woven or knitted nets, the integral joint structure of this heavy duty polypropylene grid retains the original hole or aperture size and resists sagging. You can also trim RackGuard on site without loosing the structure integrity of the mesh. RackGuard was originally designed for fall protection adjacent to walkways and work areas. It is also easily cut to size for use as:

  • Shelf Dividers to segregate product
  • Security Fence to discourage pilferage
  • Safety Barriers for racking uprights at the end of rows of shelves
  • Conveyor Guards to contain boxes that fall from fast moving conveyor belts

Machine Guards & Security Barriers

Plastic mesh is easily custom shaped and trimmed for installation as a machine guard or security barrier

  • Safety Barriers for racking uprights at the end of rows of shelves
  • Shelf Dividers to segregate product
  • Security Fence to discourage theft