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OB0359 installed as debris screen on handrails Use silver or black plastic netting as a "hardware cloth" type material for certain screening installations or as a good old "utility net" for any number of projects around the home. Extruded plastic mesh from Industrial Netting is nontoxic and noncorrosive.

Hexagonal or rectangular extruded plastic mesh can be used as a debris screen on railings to catch debris. Our plastic mesh is easily trimmed to the width and length you require and secured in place with our UV stabilized nylon cable ties. NOTE: Extruded plastic mesh is designed as a visual and physical barrier. It is NOT suitable as a safety net to prevent or arrest falls.

Keep pesky birds, including pigeons - and bats - from nesting and roosting under your eaves, in your garage, on your porch, under your deck - you name it! Lightweight, strong and nearly invisible once installed, a variety of bird netting sizes can be used to do the job. These nettings are black and UV stabilized for long life. Birdnet, or bird mesh, is also non toxic, non-corrosive, won't conduct electricity and is easily cleaned.

Visit our Pest Control page to see more information and more birdnet selections. Or view our Polyclips video for installation tips.

Or use heavier gauge hardware cloth as a barrier to keep bunnies, chipmunks and other "critters" out from under decks or porches. Plastic netting is easily trimmed to fit around irregular shapes.

Insulation Net
Tack light-weight insulation netting to studs or joists to hold insulation bats securely in place. Non-toxic polypropylene net also helps exclude animals from outdoor structures. Shipped in light-weight packages that cover up to 1000 square feet or 2000 square feet.

Note: Industrial Netting offers a range of widths and lengths - as well as custom fabrication of netting - to best fit your individual needs or choose from these standard sizes for immediate availability at competitive prices.

Product Specifications
Description Product Unfolds To
Nominal Package Size
Package Weight
Price Buy

Pest Exclusion
.50" Mesh
OV 1581

14 X 50 46 X 11 X 11 9 $151.70
14 X 100 46 X 13 X 13 15 $298.80

Pest Exclusion
.25" Mesh
OV 7822

3-1/2 X 50 46 X 7 X 7 7 $44.90
3-1/2 X 100 46 X 9 X 9 10 $65.50

Black Hardware Net
.25" Mesh
XV 1170

4 X 25 51 X 7 X 7 15 $89.00
4 X 50 51 X 9 X 9 20 $137.70

White 4' Fencing
.25" Mesh
XW 1131

4 X 50 49 X 10 X 10 25 $102.20
4 X 500 49 X 29 X 29 225 $764.70

Smooth Top
Hardware Net
.50" Silver Mesh
XS 1029

3 X 50 38 X 9 X 9 16 $77.30
3 X 100 38 X 12 X 12 32 $139.40

Insulation Net
1" X 1.50" Mesh
ON 2870

4 X 250 50 X 7 X 7 5 $55.10
8 X 250 50 X 9 X 9 9 $106.40
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