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Handling, Processing and Dehydrating
Plastic Jerky Tray Replaces Stainless Steel Durable FDA approved polypropylene netting is ideal as a tray or rack liner for a variety of food products - especially as a dehydration tray liner for fruits and nuts, meats and jerky during the dehydrating or drying process. Industrial Netting plastic netting is a clean surface that allows air and liquid to circulate freely while separating cuts and pieces throughout processing.

Whether you're dehydrating fruits, nuts and meats – we have a mesh size and thickness to fit your food processing application. Wherever an open mesh surface liner is needed for air and liquid circulation – Industrial Netting has a solution.

Plastic mesh can be custom cut to fit a wide range of chrome or stainless steel shelves, trays and racks. Our Polypropylene (PP) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nettings are made from resins that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. And, they are designed to be used with UL Listed dehydrators. Or choose from a variety of premium high-temperature meshes with heat resistant properties that are superior to polypropylene.

Rack Liners & Dehydration Trays from Industrial Netting

  • made from resin that is FDA certified for food contact
  • easy to clean
  • reusable
  • easy to handle and fabricate
  • order full rolls or custom cut-to-size pieces

Industrial Netting can precision slit and die cut your order to any shape or size. Please contact us for a quote today.

Product Specifications:

Meat Rack Net

(Not Actual Size)
Calculated Hole Size
Roll Size
(in X ft)
Material Color

XY 5030

.275 X .275 48 X 300 High-density

XN 5010

.275 X .297 48 X 300 Polypropylene Clear

XN 2335

.282 X .274 48 X 400 Polypropylene Clear

XN 3110

.75 X .75 48 X 500 Polypropylene Clear

Technical Information:

Melt Temperature:
Vicat Softening Point:
Heat Deflection Temp:
Glass Transition Temp:

Polypropylene (PP)
323°F, 161°C
305°F, 152°C
194°F, 90°C
32°F, -0°C

* Natural PP products are manufactured to comply with FDA regulations for food contact and USP Class VI for pharmaceuticals.

Click on the product part number for full specifications:

White Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Mesh

(Not Actual Size)
Nominal Aperature
(long x short inches)
Minimum Usable
Width (inches)
Click for full specifications ET 8120 .025 X .005 .006 to .010 12
Click for full specifications ET 8200 .048 X .008 to .015 .012 to .018 18
Click for full specifications ET 8300 .048 X .022 to .032 .011 to .018 18
Click for full specifications ET 8500 .060 X .026 to .036 .023 to .033 18
Click for full specifications ET 8700 .145 X .041 to .061 .045 to .060 18
Click for full specifications ET 8800 .370 X .124 to .144 .066 to .086 32
Click for full specifications ET 8900 .360 X .120 to .145 .085 to .110 18
Click for full specifications ET 9000 .920 X .225 to .275 .095 to .125 18

All dimensions are nominal

** PTFE products are stabilized to control open area percentages. As product thickness increases **
so does the likelihood of shrinkage in applications where temperatures are elevated.

View and print our product literature:
View ISO 9001 Certification
ISO 9001 Certified

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