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Diamond Mesh
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Square Mesh
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Industrial Netting offers a wide variety of netting, mesh, and rigid mesh tubes used in cartridges and as components for air, water, and gas separation and filtration. These products are used across a wide range of filtration industries including automotive, HVAC, water purification, hydraulic filtration, fuel filtration, beverage filtration, medical filtration, and food processing.

Common Applications for Plastic Netting include:

Choose from:

  • Pleat Support
  • Media Backing
  • Filter Sleeves
  • Cores and Cages
  • Pre-filtration
  • Spacers

Flow Channel Spacers
Cut away filter cartridge with plastic mesh outer wrap Plastic netting helps to facilitate the flow of fluids through a filter element by serving as a spacer between layers of filter media, allowing fluid to be channeled across the filter medium. Many types of spiral wound filter elements use bi-planar diamond netting as a "feed spacer" allowing the liquid stream to flow across the membrane surface. More recently, rectangular mesh feed spacers have been developed as an alternative to diamond mesh netting. They are engineered to create uniform multiple thin strands in one direction and more widely spaced, thicker strands in the perpendicular direction.

Center Cartridge Cores
Plastic netting can also be extruded as a rigid tube for center core structural support in cartridge filtration. Chose from a wide range of diameters, apertures, and open areas to get the flow characteristics and structural support required for your application.

Pleat Support
Netting can help retain a given shape or provide support to filter media and membrane-based material against the liquid or air stream. Plastic netting is more rigid than a woven or nonwoven materials and can support material in pleated cartridge filters with relatively uniform separation between the pleats while providing enough rigidity to keep all of the pleats uniformly exposed to the stream, helping to improve the filters' efficiency.

Flexible tubular sleeves can be stretched over the filter element to protect the outside surface of the filter medium from damage during use and handling. For even more rugged surface protection, rigid tubes can be used as outer sleeves to protect the filter element.

For more information on the use of plastic netting and mesh and filtration applications, see our Extruded Filtration Information Sheet. To view raw material choices, samples, and specifications click on Plastic Mesh or Metal Mesh.

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