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13-year Lower Mississipian Brood, will emerge in April and May, followed by the 17-year Iowan Brood, in Iowa and north western Illinois.

Protect trees and bushes with ¼" mesh cicada control netting. The branches of Apple Trees, Arborvitae, Ash, Beech, Berry vines, Crab Apple, Cherry, Dogwood, Fruit Trees, Grape vines, Hickory, Holly, Maple, Lilacs, Magnolia, Peach, Pear, Rose bushes, Spirea, and Willows are vulnerable. Most flowers, herbs and vegetables don't need protection from cicadas.

Cicadas, popularly known as locusts, are not harmful to humans. But significant damage to young trees and shrubs can occur when egg-laying females burrow into thin branches.

Cicada adults (locusts) are identified by their black bodies and red eyes. This 17-year species will emerge in this Spring and very early Summer (April-June) when soil temperatures reach 64 degrees. Expect adults to start emerging in the Baton Rouge area in late April and in Iowa and north western Illinois in mid to late May. For additional information click here.

Disposable plastic netting can prevent insects from laying their eggs in the twigs of small trees or shrubs. Choose from two grades of ¼" netting, a lighter weight, lower cost netting, and a heavier gauge netting for maximum strength.

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Product Specifications

Cicada Control Netting

Product Number Size Weight Price  
OB 5340
Light Duty Netting
.25" hole size
14' x 100' 9 lbs $172.20
14' x 200' 17 lbs $260.90
Product Number Size Weight Price  
OV 3018
Heavy Duty Netting
.25" hole size
14' x 25' 4 lbs $86.00
14' x 50' 8 lbs $151.70
14' x 100' 14 lbs $249.20
14' x 200' 26 lbs $403.34

  • Cicada Netting is bundled and packaged in cartons.
  • Prices above do not include shipping and handling charges.
  • Duties and taxes will be added for shipments into Canada.

Please refer to Good Gardening and University of Kentucky Entomology for more information regarding the Cicada insect.

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