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  • Aquaculture Netting

    Plastic netting can not only be used above, but below the water as well! Industrial Netting is here to provide you with our Aquaculture Plastic Netting which can be used within fish farms, sea farms, shrimp farms, and oyster farms. Because our plastic netting is durable and light-weight, it is commonly used for predator barriers to ward off various aquaculture pests. Other common applications are for making cages, traps, and trays. Aquaculture netting will not rust, it is non-toxic, chemical resistant, easily cleaned, easily fabricated, and can be used in various temperature ranges.

    Industrial Netting provides plastic cage netting that is available in diamond or square mesh, it is heavy duty, and extruded from rugged, UV stabilized polyethylene resin. Plastic cage netting can be fabricated into tubular formed Grow-Out bags. These are available in hole sizes from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch to provide maximum water flow to your crop. Along with Grow-Out bags, Industrial Netting provides Knitted Mesh Shellfish Bags. Use knitted bags to send oysters, mussels, or clams to various markets. These also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to accent your shellfish package.

    Clam Beds can be heavily protected by using our strong, durable, plastic netting. Various types of aquaculture can be covered with netting in roll widths up to custom sizes. By applying plastic netting over seeded beds, this will keep predators such as crabs, birds, and stingrays away and increase the survival rate of your aquaculture.

    Standpipe Filters are a common application in aquaculture where plastic netting is extruded into plastic mesh filter tubes. These tubes are fabricated to fit over standard PVC pipes for standpipe filter applications in places such as tanks or ponds. Plastic mesh filter tubes are used as aeration tubing in hatcheries, fisheries, and in fish tanks. Some characteristics these tubes are that they are made from high density polyethylene resin, they contain a carbon black additive for extended useful life, and they can be fabricated to your custom needs.

    Industrial Netting is always aiming to satisfy its customers by providing the best aquaculture protection possible!

  • Obstacles to Warehouse Safety

    The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) hosted speaker Paul Serafini at the MHI 2016 Spring Meetings. Serafini, an Pallet Rack Safety Net 300x250industrial health and safety professional with over 20 years of experience, offered the perspective of a supply chain and material handling professional who sees first-hand what motivates companies to invest or not invest in safety. He spoke to the challenges and opportunities safety equipment/protective guarding manufacturers face when trying to motivate reluctant users to understand the cost of negligence and non-compliance. Continue reading

  • Heavy-Walled Plastic Cores for High-Pressure Applications

    Mesh Cores & Cages for Filter ElementsIndustrial Netting produces extruded polypropylene tubes that are typically used as center core supports or outer cages for cartridge filters. We have nearly 100 configurations of diameter, wall thickness and open area, including several options with thicknesses greater than 0.20” for high-pressure environments.

    Most cores are made from polypropylene resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact. Polypropylene also holds excellent chemical and temperature resistance, so it works well in most any air, liquid or gas separation and filtration application.

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  • How to get fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long

    Dehydrating foods inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold through the removal of water.  Many foods can be dehydrated – meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs.  The process of drying these foods can be done with electrical dehydrators or sun drying.DehydratorFrameMesh

    Industrial Netting has a wide variety of mesh products that can be used for your dehydration applications.  These products are made from FDA compliant resins and form an ideal tray or rack liner.  We have a wide variety of mesh sizes and thicknesses that can be selected to provide the best air circulation.

    Many small scale dehydrators do not require vast amounts of material for their use.  For this reason Industrial Netting is pleased to advise that our minimum order is small enough to accommodate a home processor.  If your application requires higher volume processing we can arrange to precision slit or die cut our products in advance of shipment to meet your exact end use configurations.

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  • Scrap Metal Transportation Netting

    Plastic Safety NettingLocator Magazine – March, 2011:  The United States Department of Transportation changed safety rules for transporting cargo nearly a decade ago in 2002. The rules affected how Industrial Netting - a company that manufactured nets for a variety of unique industrial applications - did business.

    The new rule, which was updated again in 2006, specified that "Vehicles used to transport flattened or crushed vehicles must be equipped to prevent loose parts from falling from all four sides of a vehicle . . .

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