Safety Netting for Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms - sometimes called mezzanines -  can be a hazard to workers below.  Make your elevated work platform safer by attaching plastic netting to guard rails that surround the perimeter, forming a safety barrier. The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) provides an informational video regarding proper safeguarding for elevated work platforms. See below to watch the video providing you with more information on Mezzanine safety and a visual representation of how plastic netting can be applied to railings.  Industrial Netting is a founding member of ProGMA.


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OSHA Fall Protection standard 1926.502 requires paneling or screening where tools, equipment, or materials are piled higher than the top edge of a toeboard or kick plate.  Added protection is financially prudent.  The cost to install netting or wire screens around the perimeter of a mezzanine pales in comparison to the cost of a single lost time accident.   Plastic Mezzanine safety netting is a simple, cost effective, solution for protecting employees below from loose objects that may fall or be kicked off  of elevated work platforms.

Plastic Safety Netting is easily attached to work platform guard rails using zip ties, then forming a protective safety barrier. Industrial Netting recommends using cable ties stabilized against degradation from ultraviolet light. Extruded plastic netting, made from Polyethylene resin, is durable, light-weight, resists sagging and is perfect for this application. 

Choose to install plastic Mezzanine Safety Netting, for elevated work platforms, NOW rather than AFTER an incident has occurred.

Industrial Netting ships Plastic Mezzanine Netting in rolls custom fabricated to fit guard rails up to a maximum height  of 48-inches tall and a maximum continuous length up to 500-feet.

  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XB1132 Black Polyethylene Diamond Mesh, .50 x .50 inch
    Product: XB1132
    Color Black
    Hole Size (in) 0.50 x 0.50
    Roll Width (in) 48
    Roll Length (ft) 500
    PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft) 121
    Thickness (in) 0.13